Due to the current situation and the urgent need to empower your body, mind and spirit, we wanted to invite you to get on the mat with us. We are now offering two one hour practices for the price of one !! Only 5 euros for one hour dynamic and one hour restorative yoga and live cello classes with Lucy and Pepe. Perfect for evening or daytime practice, Lucy will guide you through a sequence of yoga poses and transitions specifically designed to slow the mind down, breathe deep and rejuvenate the whole body . Whether you need to go slow or energise the body these classes are perfect for body and soul. Pepe´s ambient sounds will get you connected to your breathe and your body throughout the class and his beautiful cello will accompany you through deep healing relaxations at the beginning and end of the classes. These videos are appropriate for all ages and abilities and exactly what we need right now. Yoga and music combined specifically to heal your body and awaken your power in these challenging times.

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